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Dear Alfisti, dear visitors and Petrols

You will see that I am infected with the “Alfisti virus” and can no longer escape. The Alfa Romeo brand has become my life. This brand is so widespread and deeply rooted in many hearts. There is no other brand that evokes so many emotions. The design of the cars is unique, a feast for the eyes from every side and the overall picture is unsurpassed.

I have been in love with this brand since 1998 with the first Alfa Romeo 156 sedan. This car was the start for the Alfa Romeo brand. Other models followed until I currently own 15 Alfa Romeo models (Oldtimer cars, youngtimers and new models)

Since May 2015, Svetty, Ralf and I have been the proud founders and board members of the first in the world – trips are organized here and the Alfa Romeo 4C is celebrated

From April 29th, 2017 to June 3rd, 2023, we successfully organized and held one of the largest Alfa Romeo meetings in Europe 5 times (Svetty, Alvaro and I).

On June 3rd, 2023 the first Alfa Romeo 4C book was published as a limited edition of 250 pieces and after 3.5 months it was sold out worldwide. I’m extremely proud that I made the book as a tribute to the designers and 4C.

The 3 crazy people from TopGear got it straight:
If you’ve never driven an Alfa Romeo, you’ve never driven a car!
With that in mind, have fun on my site.

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